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Here are all three books in this Number 1 Best-selling Amish Romance series from USA Today Bestselling Author, Ruth Hartzler.

1. Healing Hearts

Diana Hunt has been an advertising executive in New York for the past fifteen years, avoiding her family and her old home in Lancaster as much as she can. A phone call changes everything.
When Diana returns home, she finds herself the close neighbor of Amish man, Jethro Wittmer, whose heart she broke fifteen years earlier.
Is Jethro betrothed? And why does Diana care?
Can God work a miracle and heal these broken hearts?

2. Match Made in Heaven

Celeste Hunt fancies herself as a matchmaker. Her handsome friend, the Amish man Jeremiah Wittmer, warns her not to meddle with love, but his warnings fall on deaf ears. Her latest attempt to play Cupid has gone amiss in more ways than one.
Will Celeste find love, or she is destined to remain single forever?
Will her gift of matchmaking ruin her one true chance at happiness?

3. The Secret of Love

Englischer, Lavender Watson, is in love with Amish mann, Ezra Wittmer, but does not want to become Amish, not even for love.
When she finally decides she will become Amish after all, she discovers it's too late. Ezra is engaged to an Amish woman from another community.
Will the discovery of a tightly held secret bring Lavender true love?

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8 julio
Amish Romance Books

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