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The definition of love is pretty simple, it's about feeling connected and about feeling fondness whether it is for yourself or for another person.  Love and the bastard are not exclusive; it is possible to love the bastard once you understand him. The bastard is a man like any other, he just struggles to express himself as well and it takes a special woman to understand him.

This is the 21st century, and as a woman, you have every right to love yourself and no other. There is nothing wrong with staying single and there's nothing wrong with not having a man in your life. Love is not something that can be forced and if it's just not the right time then maybe it's not meant to be.

If you've found someone then I'm happy for you. If you like him then find out if he likes you. If you've got mutual attraction, then there's plenty of reason to try for more. When you started this book you were angry and men were the enemy. You were scared of commitment and unaccepting of yourself.

I want you to finish this book loving yourself and being authentic and true to who you are. Fuck men, because you don't need them. At the beginning, I told you that chemistry and time were the only requirements. If you've reached a level of acceptance and self-love, then you have made it the right time for you to accept the love that the right person can give you.

Now when you find them all you have to do is not fuck it up. The next step is to meet people, work on your communication and just get to know people around you. Have the courage to try and just have fun. Even if you don't find love immediately you should still have a good time because now you don't need him you can want him as a person and foster a much healthier relationship.

This book should have given you the keys to self-discovery. Whether you end up loving a bastard or loving the average Joe or even the average Jennifer. I want you to be happy and you have to start with yourself to make it happen. Modern love is about loving yourself, who you are, and even your flaws so that someone else can love you (the real you) too. Love is about accepting everything, accepting yourself and accepting someone else into your life.  

Thanks you for downloading and reading this book. I hope that as an intelligent woman of the 21st century, you can choose the suitable man. Best wishes!

Ficción y literatura
27 julio
Thang Nguyen

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