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As modern Americans, many of us exist with the mindset that our lives are limited, if not free of conflict. But to the contrary, everything from our dates of birth to our cultural orientations is to the credit of a prevailing strategy taking place to make each and every one of us possible. Also, our day to day lives, and even how we earn our livlihoods are linked to many relationships between what has come to be victorious and what was forced into concession.
Strategy is the marriage between the wisdom of oneself and the awareness of what could or would act in a manner that works against the interests of one or many. Such a train of thought is based upon how one exercises awareness of his own actions and reactions in given situations, along with what was learned through what may have been taught, witnessed, or even experienced.
When strategy is enacted by a group, it is indeed imperative that some form of competent leadership is what makes or has made the accomplished mission possible. To be without a sound and orderly chain of command makes for a chaotic and vulnerable mass that may be defeating itself quicker than any adversary can imagine.
General Sun Tzu of ancient China continuously sheds light on the unchanging strategic patterns of mankind, whether it is the way of the individual or the behavioral patterns of many. By reading and absorbing his philosophy on life in general brings one to the conclusion that not only are our lives a never-ending battle, but the only thing that has changed from his time until now is technological development.
This modern American textbook translation of General Sun Tzu's ancient teachings is beneficial for every occupation from military to every business that the free market welcomes, as well as keep one guided through legal, political, and private conflicts of interests. Enjoy!

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