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The definitive study of one of the pivotal naval battles of the Great War.
On January 24, 1915, a German naval force commanded by Admiral Franz von Hipper conducted a raid on British fishing fleets in the area of the Dogger Banks. The force was engaged by a British force, which had been alerted by a decoded radio intercept. The ensuing battle would prove to be the largest and longest surface engagement until the Battle of Jutland the following summer. While the Germans lost an armored cruiser with heavy loss of life and Hipper’s flagship was almost sunk, confusion in executing orders allowed the Germans to escape. The British considered the battle a victory; but the Germans had learned important lessons and they would be better prepared for the next encounter with the British fleet at Jutand. Tobias Philbin’s Battle of Dogger Bank provides a keen analytical description of the battle and its place in the naval history of World War I.
“Tobias Philbin has written a very entertaining and informative book on the Battle of Dogger Bank. It will be enjoyed by a wide audience including naval historians, strategists, and those interested in how broader long-term decision-making determines the manner in which battles are fought, won and lost.” —The International Journal of Maritime History
“The author’s research in British and German archives and knowledge of secondary sources produces a significant work on the war at sea.” —Stand-To
“An interesting and stimulating book that is a useful contribution to the history of the First World War in the North Sea.” —The Mariner’s Mirror

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