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This volume tries to consolidate the news articles from 8/6 of 2014 to 8/10 of 2014 that were of Psychic Significance. As usual i recommend people only read the Elemental Chapters of Cadmium. The embedded "Magical ME" Volume 20 is for republication. There are some interesting Psychic Manifestations regarding news articles from 2013 that are nice to browse showing consistency. Volume 48 is a continuation of Volume 47. It covers news articles of Psychic Significance between 8/6 of 2014 to 8/10 of 2014. It focuses on the 4.5 earthquake that hit Hawaii on 8/7 of 2014 at the same time Hurricanes Iselle and Julio were bearing down on the islands just like in the movie “Hancock.” There’s a section about the Dark Lightning Storm Flash vs. the Dark Knight. Cadmium 1 is a bit of an explanation why I stopped writing for 5 days. Cadmium 2 is reminding people about the threat of war and why this content is valuable to people if you can prove the Consciousness of the Planet exists that can reign in corrupt world leaders. Cadmium 3 is a Psychic Prediction from Volume 47 where the news article about the Cajon Crawl of Lanes aligns with the character Crawl in "Son-in-Law" played by Pauly Shore starring Lane Smith who goes on to be Perry White in "Lois & Clark." Cadmium 4 is regarding the 4.5 earthquake hitting Hawaii at the same time 2 hurricanes (Iselle and Julio) were bearing down on the islands on 8/7 of 2014. It was the birthday of Charlize Theron born 8/7 who was in "Hancock" where her character Mary summons 2 hurricanes and the throwdown results in earthquakes. Cadmium 5 is about the Sun as pregnant female that is referenced in the Associated Press Feed regarding the "Sun's Cosmic Womb." Cadmium 6 is about the "Dark Knight" Lightning Flash seen erupting from Tropical Storm Julio that aligns with the other news articles about the Dark Knight or Batman because I had been watching "Dark Knight Rises" 3 times over the last couple days while I was on break from writing. I was extracting the Prophecies embedded in that movie. Cadmium 7 is regarding "Star Trek: Voyager" #.4.8 and #4.9 regarding the "Year of Hell." It's regarding the topic of fiddling with Time and how all things are interconnected. Cadmium 8 is about how Roddy White kept his promise regarding an impromptu wager to Dylan Hoyt.

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10 agosto
Rod Island

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