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This volume focuses on the death of Robin Williams and how it ties into the Psychic Field. It also looks at tags used over the last couple chapters to reinforce the claim that there is an actual pattern to events unfolding in the Associated Press Feed. It's recommended that people just read the Elemental Chapters of Indium in order to keep up with the news feed. The republished version of "Magical ME," Volume 21 does have some interesting news stories from 2013 for browsing. Volume 49 is a continuation of Volume 48. It focus on Psychic Manifestations for 8/11 of 2014. There was a Dust Devil that surfaced in McCarren Park. Robin Williams passed away. Pam Dawber was in "My Sister Sam." There's an examination of the song "Keeping the Faith" by Billy Jorel. There's also quick breakdown of Rhode Island and Massachusetts falling into the category of a Holy Land. Indium 1 is about the Dust Devil seen in McCarren Park in Brooklyn that reinforces the claim about "Wrath of God" incidents where the Consciousness of the Planet can manifest a weather phenomenon anywhere on Her body with pinpoint accuracy. Indium 2 is a mathematical breakdown of the numbers associated with Robin Williams who passed away on 8/11 of 2014. Indium 3 is regarding [Redacted] Schaeffer who was in "My Sister Sam" before she was killed. The previous person linked to her was Samantha [Redacted]. Indium 4 is regarding Ed [Redacted] who play the Ultimate Villain. Indium 5 is about Wolverine who was in love with Jean Grey whom he had to get rid of. He was also in love with Kayla Silverfox. Indium 6 is about "Saving Mr. (Brian) Banks" and Cameron Todd Willingham as innocent people. Indium 7 is about Billy Jorel and his music regarding "Keeping the Faith" that can be mathematically unscrambled to extract Prophecies. Indium 8 is a short chapter about Aimee quitting Second Life because "Magical ME" Volumes 20 to 40 revolved around her. Indium 9 is about the Tecumseh Curse and "Forrest Gump.".It does a brief decryption of the states of Rhode Island and Massachusetts translating to the Symbols of Jesus Christ cradled by the Virgin Mother because the 2 states are adjacent to one another.

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11 agosto
Rod Island

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