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Volume 12 is the continuation of Volume 11. It has news articles for 6/29 of 2014 that link to what was discussed from the previous volume. It takes look at the calendar dates cited from the previous volume manifesting in the Associated Press Feed. There's also a discussion about the Karmic Credit Score used as a system of measuring one's soul in the 21st Century. Magnesium 1 is a chapter on Psychic Forensics applied to 3 calendar dates that surfaced on one day. Magnesium 2 is regarding "Designing Women" actor Meshach Taylor who passed away on 6/28 of 2014. Chapter 9.1 is about the Chess theme and playing Chess against God. Chapter 9.2 is about the song "One Night in Bangkok" by Murray Head. Chapter 9.3 is about the formula Force = Mass x Acceleration. Chapter 9.4 is about the General Lee in "Dukes of Hazzard." Chapter 9.5 is about the Lincoln Futura automobile used as the Batmobile. It also shows how President Barack Obama's name unscrambles to spell Batman. Chapter 9.6 is regarding the song "Without Me" by Eminem, which coincides with the daughter of Eminem graduating. Chapter 9.7 is about the eerie coincidences with the Lincoln-Kennedy Assassinations. Chapter 9.8 is regarding the Hulk. Chapter 9.9 is idea of an updated Heaven and Hell that fits the world of science we live in for the 21st Century. Chapter 9.10 is regarding the song "Your Mama Don't Dance." Chapter 9.11 is the Sunflower Diaries, Volume 9 Conclusion. Magnesium 3 is a chapter wrap-up regarding Chandler Parsons born 10/25 linking to the Katy Perry theme mentioned in "Big Ban Theory," Volume 10 and "Big Bang Theory," Volume 11 because of the incident in Katy, Texas.

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29 junio
Rod Island

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