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Billionaire Bad Boy is an unusual romance between Dominic, a billionaire with a secret about his past, and Olivia, a woman who is hesitant to let herself truly fall in love. Dominic is brash, bold and supremely confident in what he wants and goes for it while Olivia normally plays it on the safer side, preferring to stay at home with Netflix than to go out on yet another bad date.

Olivia doesn't get out much these days, as the dating scene for a single woman in Manhattan is abysmal. Even though she hates them these days, Olivia is talked into attending a bachelorette party at the hottest club in town. She's hit on by a few low-quality men when someone sends her a drink across the room – Dominic.

Dominic has spotted his prey and knows that she is absolutely the one that he wants. Dominic has made the first move, and Olivia accepts, which turns her life a completely different direction than she had ever thought it might go. When Dominic saves Olivia from a terrifying and life-threatening situation, he realizes that he can't live without Olivia and asks something crazy of her – but she can't accept right away! Read inside to find out how these two eventually make their way to each other, overcoming obstacles and finding true love, despite the secret about his past that Dominic has been hiding from Olivia this whole time…

This book is a page-turner and one that you won't be able to put down until the very end!

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Max Cafaro

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