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Kriya yoga bestows tremendous power to the followers. It provides the power for improving the digestive system. It also cures all kinds of chronic diseases including tuberculosis, leprosy, fistula, indigestion, tumor and cancer. In addition it takes human mind in the dimension of subconscious and unconscious domains by unveiling the layers of ignorance and rigidity.

The boon bestows the power for evolving the hidden capability in personality and professional ability development. The purpose and principles of Kriya yoga shows its tremendous boons; at the same time, the mistakes committed during steps indicate the cropping of defects in the fields of digestive system, excretory system and reproductive system.

This book is an eye opener to all the Sadhakas of Kriya Yoga. This provides the inbuilt corrective approach in the minds of Sadhaka, whether the method adopted in Kriya Yoga is fully correct or any mistakes is being carried out? This book also brings mile stone or yard stick to the seeker by cropping its results in terms of benefits. This book works like an alarming bell against its caution or warning provided in MN -70 of Yoga Chudamani Upanishad. To gain the maximum benefits of Kriya Yoga, the book is placed before the reader without having any likes and Dislikes against any cult or master of Kriya Yoga. The book consists of 36 images which describe the theme of each topic in brief for the better clarity of the reader. Importance of Kriya yoga for the scientists is the main attraction of the book.

Salud, mente y cuerpo
15 julio
A.N Pandey