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Who says a vegetarian lifestyle means eating boring meals? In Vegetarian Recipes For Super Energy & Long Life to 120, Drs. Patricia and Paul C. Bragg prove that healthy eating also means delicious eating, with the kind of flavors that come only from fresh and organic raw and cooked vegetarian recipes. The father-daughter team, who both have NDs and PhDs in the field of nutrition, cull from their years of experience as health pioneers, eating only beneficial and sustainable plant foods, and preparing them in ways that bring out their best flavors as well as their best nutrients, steering clear of overprocessed and refined foods. The book provides hundreds of highly nutritious vegetarian recipes for readers’ optimal health and wellness. A diet based on plant foods has long been known to promote health, prolong life, and reduce the likelihood of many illnesses and ailments, from skin problems to cancer and heart disease. The authors not only recommend recipes, but in simple and effective layman’s terms the benefits of the foods; which fruits or vegetables provide the necessary nutrients for a well-balanced diet; healthy substitutions to make for less healthy ingredients; and even storage tips to prevent deterioration of the foods’ nutritive value. Done right, a vegetarian lifestyle is not only healthy, but can be economical in terms of food cost as well as health-related costs that could be avoided by preventing illness. Paul C. Bragg, originator of health stores in America, and his daughter, Patricia, are world-renowned health crusaders. They have changed millions of lives through their books, teachings, lectures and media appearances.

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Patricia Bragg and Paul Bragg

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