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Casandra is now twenty-one years old and has her degree in Astrophysics, and she was employed by several departments of the government, including NASA. All the problems with the worm-holes had been laid on Professor Colt's shoulders and his staff of four Doctors. However, once a month Casandra have a meeting with them to discuss the worm-holes. Well sooner or later we will crack this nut, said Colt with a nice smile. Well when you do, it will be safer than when I send them up with my magic. How come, asked the professor. When I send them up to the moon, every cell in their body is moved by my magic. When they arrive at their destination, the magic leaves their body. If any part of my magic is left in their body, I have no idea. But I do believe that to send the same person back and forwards several times, will leave some residue in their body how and if that will be dangerous for the person, who knows? What do you think of the universe as a whole? In my own opinion it is disc-shaped like our solar system is, and also all the galaxies are disc-shaped. So why shouldn't the universe have the same shape? Down in Florida, Ted Lang and his two men Bill and Nick together with Karl Schmidt had started a crime syndicate, where Karl was to find the goods with his psychic powers, and his daughter Sonja had to wit her witch-craft hide them, so they could work without being seen by passing people. I have some vague memory that I have some unfinished business on the street where we tried to take the bank money. I can't pin it down, but there is something bothering me about that street. Can we drive down there so I can get my nerves together? Sure Karl said, Ted. Knocking on all the doors on this block, the first was an elderly couple, at least eighty years old. The only house with a young woman is our next door neighbor. They have a daughter named Casandra, said the old couple. The end of this crime syndicate turned out to be a smelly business where the police wouldn't even put the perpetrator in their cruiser but called for a van to bring the criminal to jail.

26 febrero
Bo Widerberg

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