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After a man dies during a performance at Castle Dark, Nora Blake learns just how hard it is to catch a killer, especially if every suspect is a trained actor in this exciting new Dinner and a Murder Mystery.

Autumn has arrived at Castle Dark, and Nora Blake has settled into her role as an actor in Derek Corby's castle theater troupe. She is troubled, however, by the setting of Derek's fall mystery: the catacombs in the depths of the castle. Yes, these catacombs are merely a set,  the skeletons and cobwebs mere props, but Nora feels uneasy in the shadowy passages beneath Castle Dark.  When a man is killed during one of their first shows, the eerie catacombs become a place of horror.
Joined by her castle companions, Nora attempts to find the motive for killing a seemingly innocent victim. Some of those answers seem to lie with the local community theater, the members of which Nora has come to know because she has joined Derek's latest town production. As Nora practices her lines at Wood Glen's Blue Curtain theater, she realizes that everyone around her is an actor, and each suspect is perfectly capable of convincing others of their innocence. . . . Meanwhile, Nora realizes that someone else is in danger, and she must do her best, aided by Detective John Dashiell of the Wood Glen police, to prevent another murder.

Misterio y suspense
5 de julio
Penguin Publishing Group

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