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This book is meant to help with conquering cancer, launching a total attack, and building the scientific city of conquering cancer.
The overall design and the planning and the blueprint of XZ-C’s plans of conquering cancer are the scientific thinking and the theoretical innovation, and the experimental basis of conquering cancer are the reform and development of the overall strategy of cancer treatment. It is the crystallization of my sixty years of experience in medical work and thirty years of scientific research results and achievement, scientific and technological innovation, scientific thinking, and scientific research wisdom. The direction of the research is to conquer cancer. It is proposed that a test area will be set up in Wuhan City, Huang Jiahu University City, and the implementation of this research program will be done by my research team of experts, professors, and so on.
The scientific research plan of conquering cancer puts the focus on scientific research in the international front, and it is the forefront of science.
In January 12, 2016, the US president Barack Obama, in his State of the Union address, addressed the national cancer program “to conquer cancer” and named the new moon plan (Cancer Moonshot). The vice president, Joe Biden, was responsible for the implementation. Its specific plan is unknown.
Cancer is a disaster of mankind. We struggle with cancer all over the world, and people of the world struggle together, gather wisdom, and move forward together to overcome cancer.
The cancer disaster covers the world. People worldwide are eager to overcome cancer one day. It is the urgent hope that the states, the governments, the experts, the scholars, and the scientists can find anticancer measures to keep people safe from cancer.

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