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“Great companies, focused on long-term value creation, recognize that a deeply rooted, sustainable culture is the foundation of success. It is an asset to be managed like any other. Marty Parker has long understood this, and Culture Connection offers a blueprint to create, nurture, protect, and grow this most essential asset to a level of competitive advantage. It’s a leadership must-read.”
—MICHAEL MCCAIN, president & CEO, Maple Leaf Foods

“Marty Parker has captured a compelling collection of corporate culture insights and learnings in this book, making it a great tool for leaders at all levels in profi t-based, charitable and government organizations alike. Marty truly gets it that culture is the ultimate competitive advantage.”
—DARREN ENTWISTLE, president & CEO, TELUS Corporation/p>

“This is perhaps the best book I have read on why a winning corporate culture is critical in today’s competitive global marketplace. . . . Culture Connection is a must-read for any current or future business leader or owner, and it will become a must-read for our leadership team.”
—DAVE MACKAY, president, Ceridian Canada Ltd.

“Marty Parker has developed a practical and insightful guide to establishing a company culture, enforcing it, and ensuring it endures for the long term. This has been a fundamental element of our success at Four Seasons and now companies everywhere can learn how adhering to a strong set of core values can bring tremendous rewards.”
—ISADORE SHARP, founder and chairman, Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts

“ Marty is one of Canada’s leading executive recruiters and an expert in culture.

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