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Discover How You Can Protect Yourself Against The Constant Manipulation & Dark Psychology You Are Bombarded With On A Daily Basis In The Modern World

Everyday we are bombarded by manipulation and persuasion from the minute we open our eyes to the minute we finally drift off to sleep.

Whether it's the non-stop ads when scrolling through social media, or the news telling us what it wants us to believe, it can be tough to discern who/what has our best interests at heart and who/what doesn't.

You see, not all persuasion and marketing is 'evil'. Some of it is trying to sell us things that would genuinely help us to improve our lives - but how do we protect ourselves against the con artists & manipulators who only want out money and attention?

Whether it's a trillion dollar company or your 'friend' trying to manipulate you for their own gain, this book will show you exactly how you can protect against Dark Psychology & Manipulation & help you to finally start discerning for yourself, who has your best interests at heart.

I hope that one day we won't need books like this. That the majority of people will be communicating from their heart & wanting to help people, but, more than ever, it's essential to understand & apply these strategies and techniques.

Anyways, here's a tiny example of what's inside…
The 3 MUST KNOW ways to protect yourself against dark psychology, starting today5 simple habits you can use to prevent opening yourself up to mass manipulationThe single BIGGEST red flag that someone is trying to manipulate you - and how to spot it instantlyThe hidden signals that show someone is trying to use dark psychology on you3 characteristics that will instantly give away if someone is trying to deceive & manipulate youHow to know when your emotions are being used to get the better of you, and when they are being activated in a loving way (along with 3 obvious signs you can pick up on almost instantly)Why Emotional Intelligence (like knowing when someone is manipulating you) is more valuable than IQ in today's worldHow to prevent mind control before it happens & snap yourself out of it when you're in a 'trance like state'How to tell the difference between someone using tools such as NLP & Hypnosis for positive reasons & those trying to manipulate youHow to use reverse psychology to get what you truly want (in an ethical and non-manipulative way)The 7 most common brainwashing techniques used to control you & how to deal with themDiscover the truth about why people lie along with 3 obvious giveaways that someone is lying to you
...And SO much more!

Even if you had ZERO idea you were being manipulated and persuaded 24/7 by constant advertisements, and have no idea how you can even begin to protect against this, even if you believe everyone 'always has my best interests at heart', then this book will show you exactly how to protect yourself & your loved ones from the Dark Psychology & Manipulation that is so prevalent in our modern society.

So, If You Want The Exact Blueprint To Protect Against Manipulation & Dark Psychology To Protect Yourself And Those You Love, Then Scroll Up And Click "Add To Cart."

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