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Pour some wine, put up your feet and spend some time in Palm Dunes . . . where people aren't always as they appear.

From USA Today bestselling author Tawdra Kandle comes the second book in this paramystery series with a touch of humor. If you enjoy the Stephanie Plum books, you'll fall in love with Jackie, Lucas and the quirky Florida retirement community where they live as the only non-senior residents--and the only ones with otherworldly connections.

An epic showdown with a tremendous force of evil is looming on the horizon. Jackie and Lucas, along with their small band of friends and fellow Carruthers Institute agents, are on edge as they all await the opening blows in this battle to keep the dreaded Hive from making their terrifying plans for world domination a reality.

But meanwhile, life goes on in Palm Dunes, the Florida retirement community where Jackie and Lucas are the youngest honorary residents. Jackie, who's still getting used to her new life as both a restaurant-owner and secret agent, is also now dealing with a prickly young sous-chef who needs her guidance and help. Lucas is confronted with a series of mysterious deaths with no apparent motive. Even his role of Death Broker can't help him find the killer.

And their friend and neighbor Mrs. Mac, busy competing in the Ms. Florida Senior Living pageant, just may be the next victim.

End of the world? Who has time?

Save Tomorrow is a series of paranormal romances that begins in the small town of King, Florida, winds through the Serendipity and Recipe for Death books, and finally culminates in Age of Aquarius, the inevitable showdown that ties all the characters together in a fight to stop the ultimate evil.

31 octubre
Tawdra Kandle

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