Donald Trump VS Richard Branson

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One Little Book Two Big Heroes

Donald Trump and Richard Branson are two of the most politically influential men in the world.
These two men have redefined what it means to do it big, two entrepreneur billionaires with the power to influence countries to change for the better.
Trump VS Branson is a somewhat friendly biographical comparison between Donald Trump “the most influential man of our time” and Richard Branson, the man behind the “virgin group”.
We will compare and contrast the principles, philosophies, upbringings, legacies, accomplishments and more!
Donald Trump VS Richard Branson Is a book comparing two men with very different starting points, but very similar success. One man dropped out of high school and started with nothing, the other man went all the way from college and had an extremely wealthy father to get him started, look at both of them now!
Branson’s success story is ‘from rags to riches’ while Trump had a good start to the fortune he has today. Due to challenges in school brought about by his dyslexia, Branson had to quit school and started his long journey towards success. He started by selling magazines, then graduated to records and then he opened his studio and recorded producing company and from there, things started working, and he was gradually able to build his business empire. Therefore, Branson’s wealth comes from his hard work. Trumps, on the other hand, went up to the university and started getting acquainted when still in college since his father owned a real estate company. He was able to work for his father from where he learned a lot before taking over the company. He managed to take bigger risks and focus on large real estate projects. When his father passed away, he left them an estate worth $250 million -$300 million which was to be equally divided among him and his three siblings. This helped him to expand his company and experience success faster. Trump didn’t work for everything he has and built it from what his father provided him with.
Donald Trump has businesses mainly in the United States while Richard Branson has businesses in countries all over the world.
These two men have managed to build empires that only a few people can compare to. Donald Trump owns the Atlantic City Casino and the Trump World Tower. Other business he has ventured into outside the real estate includes; a Miss Universe beauty pageant business, Trump Catering, Trump Bar, Trump Buffet and Trump Ice Cream Parlor. Donald Trump also started a clothing line, a University, a steak retailer, a magazine (though it closed up soon afterward), a travel website and he is a part owner of a large global TV franchise (NBC) among others. Richard Branson owns the Virgin Atlantic Airways. The Virgin Empire also includes Virgin Trains, Virgin Galactic, and Virgin Comics, Virgin money, Virgin Mobile, Virgin Fuels and Virgin health Bank among others.
They are both authors of several great business books. Donald Trump has written ‘Think like a Champion: An Informal Education in Business and Life’, ‘Trump: the Art of the Deal’,’ Trump 101: The Way to Success’,’ Think big: Make it Happen in Business and Life’, and ‘Trump: Surviving at the top’ among others. Richard Branson, on the other hand, has written over 50 books that have received good ratings, and his most popular one is ‘Losing my Virginity’ which was a perennial bestseller. ‘Screw it, Let’s do it,' ‘Business Stripped Bare,' ‘Screw business as usual,' ‘Reach for the stars’ and ‘Like a Virgin: secrets they won’t teach you at school’ are some of his other books.
Donald Trump and Richard Branson both have reality shows. Trump is popularly known for hosting and producing his NBC TV show “The Apprentice” among others while Branson is popularly known for his show “ the Rebel Billionaire: Branson’s Quest for the Best among other shows that he has acted and produced.

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