Don't Blame God It Could Be Murphy's Law

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DON'T BLAME GOD It could be Murphy's Law

by Sanjar Ali Khan

How many times have you reached a destination and thought, " Wow, I walk really well". But when you trip over a curb and skin your knee, it's a pretty good bet you'll wonder why this had to happen to you. An entertaining work of non-fiction, Don't Blame God. It could be Murphy's Law probes deep into the mystery surrounding the origins of one of the world's most well-known statements of philosophy: If anything can go wrong, it will.

This beautifully designed book includes a wide variety of visual material alongside the text to make it a visual delight at the same time. So no matter what goes wrong, there is always somebody who knew it would - This Mr Murphy is presented as a humanized version of the Law. His constant but invisible presence on the scenes presents a vivid picture of the incidents.

About The Author:-

Sanjar Ali Khan, born on April 12, 1931 in Hyderabad, India, has enjoyed a lengthy career in the field of science and technology. As the Director of the Hyderabad Science Society, which he founded in 1948, he was responsible for establishing a Radioisotope Center with funding from the Department of Atomic Energy (1968), as well as a Digital Electronic and Microprocessor Techniques Training Center (1981), funded by the Department of Electronics, Government of India. He was appointed a part-time Adviser to the Government undertaking Semiconductor Complex Limited, Punjab, in connection with its development of silicon sensors. His earlier book Dialogues on the Natural of Time published by Pustak Mahal is already a raging success and highly appreciated.

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