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DRAW BETTER anime, manga characters with this how to draw clothes and fashion design book: a complete course in how to draw anime manga character clothing step by step - starting with simple lines! Learn how to draw dresses and outfits with winter and Christmas holiday themes.

A great how to draw clothes book for kids, teens, adults, anime fans, and manga lovers! Learn how to turn simple shapes and lines into all kinds of pretty and fashionable outfits and dresses for girls and female characters in this how to draw clothes book. A brilliant resource to learn how to draw clothes for fashion design, or for your characters, comics, cartoons, anime, manga, art, and more!

This amazing how to draw clothes eBook is like your own easily accessible art teacher AT HOME - learn how to draw step by step and practice drawing techniques at your own pace! Each of these easy to follow step-by-step how-to sequences is color-coded for your convenience, allowing you to learn how to draw stylish outfits right away. 

Learn from popular artist Mei Yu, who also has over 1.5 million subscribers and 300 million views on YouTube. 

Follow along on your mobile device, anytime, anywhere, using your own drawing paper at your own pace. Whether you like to doodle or sketch, this how-to-draw eBook offers valuable skills to gain and is great for aspiring artists! 

Be inspired - with this how to draw outfits book, you can get ideas for your own characters. Go ahead and design cute, trendy, and stylish outfits of your own. Then, share your art with your friends and online proudly!

If you like my art and style, this how to draw clothing eBook will help you hone your skills to create your own anime, manga, and cartoon characters with quick and easy step-by-step instructions. With passion and practice, you will become a better artist!

Check out Mei's other eBooks on how to draw people, how to draw anime, how to draw manga, how to draw hair, how to draw hands, how to draw fashion illustrations, other how-to-draw books, and more! Mei's eBooks are available for Kindle, iOS, and Android devices. For Android users, please download the Kindle app to access Mei's eBooks. 

Practice better by using Mei's Design Your Outfits WorkBooks: the perfect companions to these eBooks! YOU draw on the templates, so you can draw clothes right away without worrying about drawing proportionate figures (sold separately). Get them from Mei Yu's Amazon Author Page!

Happy drawing! :)

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27 de octubre
Mei Yu Art Inc.

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