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*** This book is for adults only. ***
Blake Nichols lives a pretty simple life for a young man, collecting comic books and working at a department store. Though he lives a rather anonymous life, a part of him feels like something is missing, and there is a part of him that wishes he could be and do so much more. After finding a pretty blue bottle and having a sexy genie unexpectedly pop into his world, Blake is soon transported to an alternate reality, where his life is turned upside down. Assuming the role of the heroic Night Captain, the cape-wearing defender of Metro City, Blake soon finds himself at the center of a salacious scandal.

Even though he's now bulging with muscles, Blake's love muscle seems to be getting all the action, and he finds himself squaring off against the sexy forces of evil plotting to destroy the city. Blake soon finds himself tangling with the likes of Blitz Blue Star, a busty former stripper, Intoxi, a sexy mad scientist, Orgazzma (need I say more?), and the licentious punk queen of this nefarious terror cell, Anarkia. While at first, his run-ins with these sexy villains is all fun and games, Blake is soon forced to put everything on the line and face his biggest fears, or watch his beloved city be destroyed.

This book is a stand-alone text, and it is the origin book for a new series I'm writing called Metro City XXX.
*** This book is for adults only. ***

Ficción y literatura
27 de octubre
Y. Falstaff

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