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Fifty Jewish refugees from Germany and Austria have been living in Luxembourg for two years. They are working desperately to get to the US where they hope to create new lives for themselves and their families.
It is now August, 1940. The Nazis have taken over most of Europe, including Luxembourg. Now the refugees have been given permission to leave. They will be traveling in a convoy across occupied France to the Spanish border from where they must find a way to get to Lisbon. There is a unique feature to the way they will be traveling: the Germans have assigned a sergeant to accompany them. He is to be their translator and, most importantly, he is to insure their safe passage to the Spanish border
The author and his parent were three of the people in this group.The author's father was the officially appointed leader of the refugees. His job was to work cooperatively with the sergeant to make the trip go as smoothly as possible.This is a fictional account of those several days during which they encountered many dangerous situations in dealing with the Germans. Each of those was coupled with a significant possibility of being interned in a concentration camp.
Saul (the fictionalized version of the father) and Sergeant Drucker develop an unusual connection as they come to know each other. As the relationship develops, Saul comes to know about the sergeant's secret romantic attachment with one of the young refugees, Liesel, and the uncertainties surrounding its future. Saul finds himself acting like an older brother to the sergeant in giving him support as he deals with these complexities.
As they run into dangerous situations, Saul and the other refugees come to depend more and more on Sergeant Drucker's help. Some of the difficulties they encounter result from one or another of the refugees doing something that brings them to the attention of the Gestapo. Drucker's help is critical at these times. Still, those incidents create delays in the trip and fears develop that all of them will be made to deal with the Gestapo. With the rising fears that most dreaded possibility of ending up in a concentration camp looms over all of them.
As they approach the Spanish border, they learn that General Franco doesn't allow German troops into his country. This is the reason Sergeant Drucker will have to separate from the group. This is hard for most of the people in the group who have formed a strong attachment to him. His separating from them also means the romantic relationship between Drucker and Liesel and the friendship he and Saul have formed must come to an end.
The novella ends with the Sergeant staying behind in France as the refugees cross into Spain.

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26 julio
Herb Horowitz