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Phone number apps are software that enables you to send messages, Wi-Fi, and cellular calling. Phone number apps are used to make a call, record, and transfer a call, and send customize the greetings. They also are used to send unlimited SMS and MMS.

Second Phone Number apps enable you to select a custom phone number and pace phone calls. This ideal when you do not want to share your real number.

Here are the features of Phone Number Apps:

•Offers unlimited virtual phone numbers.

•It helps you to share a number with your team.

•Supports unlimited MMS, talk, and text.

•This application enables you to save roaming costs.

•Some applications enable you to make a regular call or conference call.

The objective of this book is to evaluate some phone number apps. The book consists from the following parts:

1. Overview about the Phone Number Apps:

2. Quick comparison between some Second Phone Number Apps covered in the book:

3. How to solve the problem that the Google Play Store Application not supported in your country:

4. List of some good Virtual Private Network Services VPN :

5. How to install Google Pay mobile App:

6. How to install PayPal Mobile App:

7. How to install Mobile ID changer App:

8. Installing Multiple Accounts Apps

9. Evaluation of some Virtual Phone Number Services that can provide USA and Canada Phone Numbers only such as. Such as:

Textnow.com, Sideline.com, GoDaddy Smartline, Line2.com,voice.google.com,textfree.us,Nextplus, Textplus, CoverMe, RingCentral.com,Voxdirect.com, RingCentral.com,Mightycall.com

10. Evaluation of some Virtual Phone Number Services that can provide Phone Number Services on certain countries. Such as:

Virtual Sim, Sonetel, Flyp, Telos, Numero eSIM, Numberpeople.co.uk, TalkU,Wabi, AntiPhone, Phoner, Smscodes.io

11. Evaluation of some Virtual Phone Number Services that did not work under my country Palestine using VPN or did not work properly because of un identified reason. Such as:

Textme, Textme UP, Freetone, Dingtone, Talkatone, Burner, Ring4, Cloud SIM, Secure messenger SafeUM, Hushed, 2nr Darmowy Drugi Number, 2ndLine, Twilio.

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Dr. Hidaia Mahmood Alassouli

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