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Valarie would gossip to anyone she could find. She was not kind. She was a pretend friend. Her friends would tell her a secret but were shocked to find that the next day everybody knew. They had no clue. She treated them like a fool. Why was she so cruel?
Heidy's Storhymies: Stories that Rhyme
Illustrated books with a moral message for all ages, dealing with the following topics.
HS1 Slimy Grimy Odd Cod: friendship, empathy, bullying.
HS2 Hey Beautiful: self-worth, self-confidence, self-esteem, friendship.
HS3 Attitude: bad attitude, abandonment, hatred, bullying, negativity.
HS4 Never Compare: comparisons, self-worth, self-confidence, self-esteem, friendship.
HS5 Forgive Never Relieve: gossip, lies, friendship, hatred, cruelty, negative words, low self-esteem.
HS6 Morning Hater: anxiety, depression, energy, friendship, loneliness, fear.
HS7 Laughable Lavender Leaner: workplace bullying, abuse (emotional, physical & social), jealousy, isolation, illness, friendship, kindness.
HS8 Only Lonely Moany Mona: negativity, blame, hatred, jealousy, loneliness, attitude, friendship.
HS9 Dressed in a Stress Mess: abuse (emotional & social), bullying, learned behaviour, vulnerability, attitude, friendship.
HS10 C: cancer, illness, loneliness, isolation, bad coping strategies, suppressed emotions.
HS11 Wait 108: eating disorder, anxiety, grief, depression, copying strategies, suicidal thoughts, friendship.

All books in English with basic greetings and farewells in different languages+ translations into English.
HS1 Slimy Grimy Odd Cod: Basic English;
HS2 Hey beautiful, HS3 Attitude, HS4 Only Lonely Moany Mona, HS10 C: Basic Spanish;
HS6 Morning Hater: Basic Italian;
HS7 Laughable Lavender Leaner: Basic French;
HS9 Dressed in a Stress Mess: Basic Japanese, Hiragana, Romanji;
HS11 Wait 108: Basic Japanese, Hiragana, Romanji and Basic Spanish.

3 junio
Heidy Hardaker

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