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About the Publication „Fundamentals Of Realized Spiritual Life“:

In the „Fundamentals Of Realized Spiritual Life“ Shankara offers fundamental knowledge for discovering and understanding the fabric of Reality in both its logic, its conditional ordeal and its ecstasy; for the discovery of all that can and has to be understood. This is complex and simple at once. Complex, because the facets of being human are innumerable. And simple, because it is fueled by Love, Life Force and Radiant Reality Itself.

The „Fundamentals“ contain (I) a description of the different types of spiritual aspirants, (II) an explanation of the necessary facts of Reality, (III) an illustration of how to recognize the Realized Spiritual Life, and (IV) the Spiritual Practice oriented Ennealog Of Realized Spiritual Life and Being.

About Shankara:

After years of Reality‘s Traceless Opening Shankara operates and serves as an Agent for all those who may feel moved towards This Very „Same“ Process. 

Shankara’s Spiritual search was consciously activated in his teenage years. „His“ Transcendental Spiritual Realization And Liberation Process Came Into Its Final Phase in 2002 and Completed Itself in 2003. 

For many years later Life and Existence Unfolded Through, In and As Radiant Reality Itself without the impulse to pursue any Spiritual Activity whatsoever. Yet, in the last  years Shankara ceased resisting the Impulse to Open and Reveal „His“ Spiritual Reality to all seriously interested and touched by The Transmission Of Its Radiance. The Beginning Of „His“ Spiritual Work Or Function Was Thus Initiated.

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