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There is a wide consensus that furfural, a renewable commodity currently obtained from lignocellulosic agro-residues with a production volume of around 300 kTon per year, is a key feedstock for leveraging lignocellulosic residues in future biorefineries. Several chemicals are already being manufactured from furfural due to its advantageous production cost. Furthermore, a vast number of others are also technically viable, to produce from oil. This book compiles the vast existing information into relevant stages of transformations of furfural as renewable chemicals, biofuels and bioresins focusing on the relevant chemical and engineering aspects of processes to obtain them, including reactors and catalysis. It offers essential information for improving the economic and environmental viability of current commercial applications and upcoming future applications. It should be of particular interests to graduate and advanced undergraduate students, as well as, engineers and academic researchers alike who are working in the field.Contents: Preface About the Authors Chemistry of Furfural and Furanic Derivatives (Jesús Hidalgo-Carrillo, Alberto Marinas and Francisco J Urbano) Past, Current Situation and Future Technologies of Furfural Production (David Martín Alonso and Gianluca Marcotullio) Renewable Chemicals, Biofuels and Resins from Furfural: Furfuryl Alcohol and Derivatives (Pedro Maireles-Torres and Pedro L Arias) Tetrahydrofurfuryl Alcohol and Derivatives (Pedro Maireles-Torres and Pedro L Arias) Catalytic Transformations of Furfural and Its Derived Compounds into Pentanediols (Sibao Liu, Masazumi Tamura, Yoshinao Nakagawa and Keiichi Tomishige) 2-Methyl Furan and Derived Biofuels (Manuel López Granados, Inaki Gandarias, Iker Obregón and Pedro L Arias) 2-Methyl Tetrahydrofuran (MTHF) and Its Use as Biofuel (Iker Obregón, Inaki Gandarias and Pedro L Arias) Cyclopentanone and Its Derived Biofuel (Manuel López Granados) Levulinic Acid and γ-Valerolactone (Rafael Mariscal and David Martín Alonso) Amination of Furfural (Pedro Maireles-Torres and Pedro L Arias) On the Oxidation of Furfural to Furoic Acid (Michela Signoretto and Federica Menegazzo) Furan, Tetrahydrofuran and Other Furan-Derived Chemicals (Francisco Vila, Manuel Ojeda and Manuel López Granados) Catalytic Oxidation of Furfural to C4 Diacids-Anhydrides and Furanones (Manuel López Granados) Biofuels and Chemicals from Furfural Condensation Reactions (Irantzu Sádaba and Manuel López Granados) Fuel Additives by Furfural Acetalisation with Glycerol (Manuel López Granados) Furanic Resins and Polymers (Thomas J Schwartz and Sikander H Hakim) Future Prospects and Main Challenges (Manuel López Granados and David Martín Alonso) Introduction to Chemical Reactors (José Miguel Campos-Martín) Introduction to Electrochemistry (María Retuerto and Sergio Rojas) Readership: Undergraduate and graduate students and academic and industrial researchers interested in the chemical transformations of furfural, biorefinery, biomass, biofuels, renewable chemicals. Furfural;Biorefinery;Biomass;Biofuels;Renewable Chemicals0Key Features: The first chapter is devoted to revising the organic chemistry and reactivity of furanic compounds Introduction to chemical reactors and electrochemistry as concepts are included as annexes, to help readers understand the subjects, as they are both frequently citied throughtout the book

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