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Their 2nd EXPO shows were held in Tokyo, Ishikari in Hokkaido and northern Kyushu in the summer of 2001. Eventually this “GLOBAL COMMUNICATION” gathered 280,000 people total. Each stage set in each city was changed drastically. Their first show at Tokyo Stadium, first outdoor show in their home prefecture, the big all-night fest in northern Kyushu with various Asian guest artists/musicians... with all those very special features in this 2nd EXPO, GLAY was certainly opening their new chapter in which they were determined to embrace Asian fans with their musical wings. Theme for the brochure is the same as the tour title, “GLOBAL COMMUNICATION.” All the photos were shot in New York City. All the members wearing gorgeous outfits sitting in a luxurious car simply fits in the flamboyant mood and scenery of a global city of New York. After 2 years of hiatus, GLAY manga returns in the brochure. In the EXPO exhibition section, all their costumes and musical instruments and gears are ‘exhibited.’ At the end, each member handwrote a message to fans. Every single element in this brochure brings you back to the first summer of the 21st century where your memories are accompanied with or centered around GLAY, indeed!!! The theme GLAY picked up at the opening of the 21st century, “GLOBALCOMMUNICATION,” perfectly represents their attitude towards the future of GLAY and GLAY EXPO. * Note: Attached CD for the original version is not included in this digital book. This digital book is fixed layout. There is possibly a slight difference in photographic appearance by different reading applications. In 2014, GLAY celebrates their 20th anniversary. They give another legendary show “GLAY EXPO” in Tohoku for the first time in a decade. To coincide with “GLAY EXPO 2014 TOHOKOKU 20th Anniversary,” all the official brochuresfor their EXPO shows are digitally reproduced!! They performed a miracle atevery GLAY EXPO that those digital brochures bring you back to the time when you were the eyewitness of birth of GLAY legends. All photos were digitally re-mastered to make them clearer and more vivid. Enjoy them on your smart phone or tablet!!!

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14 agosto
Rittor Music

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