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On July 31, 1999, a history, a record and a legend in Japanese entertainment history were made at once. GLAY held the biggest live show ever in Japan at the exclusively built-up outdoor stage in Makuhari Messe’s huge parking area collecting over 200,000 people. That even renewed the world record of audience size of fee-based live show of one band!! Various media including newspapers, radio stations and TV stations reported it on headline. It certainly became a social phenomenon. One of the sponsors for the show JAL painted GLAY members on an airplane for the limited flights to coincide the show. They eventually had to expand the special campaign to meet the needs of their fans. All of those unprecedented incidents certainly told everyone the beginning of GLAY EXPO legends. The theme for the specially made brochure is “Survival.” Photo session took place in an exercise area of Japan Self-Defense Force. GLAY’s being in a real iron horse or wearing camo outfits are very rare to see, probably give a slight shock to their recent fans. Also, their self-introduction texts are unique enough to give a smile to their fans in addition to their special messages at the end and the exclusively drawn manga with GLAY characters. Everything in this brochure was special to show their passion prior to their very first 200,000 audience live show to celebrate their 5th anniversary! * Note: Attached CD for the original version is not included in this digital book. This digital book is fixed layout. There is possibly a slight difference in photographic appearance by different reading applications. In 2014, GLAY celebrates their 20th anniversary. They give another legendary show “GLAY EXPO” in Tohoku for the first time in a decade. To coincide with “GLAY EXPO 2014 TOHOKOKU 20th Anniversary,” all the official brochuresfor their EXPO shows are digitally reproduced!! They performed a miracle atevery GLAY EXPO that those digital brochures bring you back to the time when you were the eyewitness of birth of GLAY legends. All photos were digitally re-mastered to make them clearer and more vivid. Enjoy them on your smart phone or tablet!!!

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14 agosto
Rittor Music

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