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In the history of western literature there has never been a factual description of God. We often hear that "no one has seen God and lived to tell about it." However, if the Supreme Truth wishes to reveal Himself to whomever and whenever He so chooses, then the Infinite can be known to the infinitesimal.

This extraordinary event is now being shared by a physician-scientist who had this most extraordinary experience in 1971 at the age of 20. His material qualifications hopefully will convince readers that the descriptions of this revelation are neither capricious nor imaginary. Those who are naturally disposed to seek the deeper Truth are the primary audience for these expressions of supreme good fortune and hope. But, any religiously or spiritually inclined individual will be highly benefited. The style of writing is that of a seeker, intended for serious seekers. Scientists will easily be carried along through the process of discrimination between matter and spirit. The pearls of Eastern wisdom, and quotes from the Vedas, especially the Bhagavad Gita, the Bible, and the Koran, will help readers understand that the path to enlightenment is being drawn by well-established spiritual traditions. However, the revelation of God Himself in His Personal and Impersonal aspects will be described for the readers, as it was shown to this seeker. The experiment was done, and fortunately, the result was realized by the Grace of God Himself. Although its verification is clear and confirmed in the great religious traditions, this is the factual description of one who has seen God and lived to tell about it.

It is the hope that these descriptions will help humanity to appreciate that indeed God is not dead. It is we who remain imprisoned due to our ignorance, as it were, in vehicles of mostly water and other elements. The person is the spiritual being within this vehicle and it is offered that even agnostics and some atheists will read these descriptions and be rejuvenated in their sojourns toward our spiritual Home. Thoughtful people should read this book and know that there is a genuine optimism within God's creation. Once we understand this, then our lives take on a deep intrinsic eternal meaning. You too may say, as I did, that "God really is a Person!"

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12 marzo
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