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In these days following the Snowden revelations, we all now know we need to stop sending emails in plain text and unprotected. There is software freely available to encrypt our emails that some people are scared to use. It isn’t that difficult though and with a little help we can master it. The open source Open PGP can be downloaded as a suite of software tools with GPG Tools.  you get a GPG keychain to use, which is the brains of the operation and there is a plug-in letting us integrate it with Apple Mail. It is also possible to use other email client such as postbox or Thunderbird by using the Enigmail plug-in.

 This book gives you step-by-step instructions how to encrypt your emails when you send them. We show you how to decrypt emails when they arrive in your inbox.You may also use the same software to encrypt files and folders.

Now that Edward Snowden has got his book out I suggest you go and read it. He spilled the beans on mass surveillance of citizens. I saw him tweet to say sending email is not secure. So protect yourself by encrypting your emails. This book shows the easy way to use PGP - GPG public and private keys.

You may want help or have someone you can test you have set it up right. It's OK to ask me questions and test encrypted emails. I'll give you my public key and you can give me yours. Test it out and make your you have set it up right.

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2 February
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