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HEROES! is a collection of short fiction about superheroes, not-so-super heroes, and everyday people who find the hero within. This anthology includes a wide range of works that capture the entire spectrum of heroism in speculative fiction. Some of the protagonists have superpowers, others survive purely on their wits and sometimes dumb luck. Some of the stories focus on the battles between costumed crusaders and their enemies, and others focus on battles against the demons within.

Our goal in this anthology is to both entertain you and engage you in the discussion of what it actually means to be a hero, and how that burden affects the person who carries it. We’ve also attempted to create characters that are diverse enough in background that readers will be left with a truly unique experience.

Each of the stories in this anthology is beautifully illustrated by renowned artist Mark Dos Santos.

In addition to illustrating each story in HEROES!, we’ve developed a beautiful original art cover for the anthology. Created by artist Dennis Loubet, best known for his work on computer and video games and pen & paper role-playing games, this cover captures the spirit and diversity of the characters found inside.

Ficción y literatura
17 de enero
Silence in the Library LLC

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