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This collection includes 3 steamy BWWM romances featuring billionaires and military heroes. All involve a second chance at love! Includes:

1) BOSSY - After a failed marriage leaves her in mountains of debt, Candace Brown is desperately trying to find a job and ends up face to face with a man whose heart she broke when she left him years ago—and now the “poor trash” her parents stopped her from seeing is a billionaire boss! Can she get her first love to forgive her? Or will he find a way to make her pay for dumping him, sending her life into final devastating shambles?

2) GUARDED - She can finally be mine…
JAMES - When Angel McDaniels contacts me for help with a stalker situation, I jump at the task, not intending to jump her bones immediately. But harboring a secret crush for her while she dated a friend of mine makes me a bit reckless with this opportunity, and now it looks like she’ll need protection from me too…
ANGEL - With my newfound internet fame, I thought the biggest threat to me was a stranger sending me sick messages online. Turns out my new bodyguard—a special forces type who happens to be my ex-boyfriend’s close friend—could be the biggest threat of all!

3) DARE - “I’d be happy to make a substantial donation to your charity, but on one condition...”
LIAM - I screwed up pretty badly with Kiara Montgomery years ago, but an unexpected second chance is on the horizon. Now that she’s a rising star, and on the radar of tons of other rich, powerful men, do I stand a fighting chance? F*ck yeah, I do, and I’m gonna take it…
KIARA - What was I thinking, admitting on national TV that I’m still a virgin? Now I have all kinds of freaks after me who took that as a challenge, and unfortunately, one of them is Liam Cox—a guy I thought I’d gotten over after he broke my heart long ago. Like most, he’s probably just chasing me for the ‘grand prize,’ and knowing that should save me from falling for his charms all over again. Right?

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