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filed a complaint against defendant-appellee Grutka in the Porter Superior Court. The issues before the trial court were formed by plaintiffs amended complaint which alleged, inter alia, the following: That during the years of 1948, 1949, 1950, and 1951 plaintiffs conveyed by warranty deeds four parcels of real estate located in Porter County, Indiana; That the conveyances were without monetary consideration, and that as a condition of the conveyances the property was to be used "for St. Patricks Parish, Chesterton, Indiana;" That it was the intent of the parties that the said condition would mean that the real estate was to be used as a site upon which St. Patricks Parish would construct a parochial school, a chapel and church, and that if the land or any portion thereof was not used for that purpose, it was to be returned to the plaintiffs, or if the land or any portion thereof was sold or otherwise conveyed, the plaintiffs were to be entitled to and recieve the the proceeds of said sale or conveyance; That if the intent of John F. Noll was to take and use said real estate for purposes other than that heretofore alleged, then John f. Noll fraudulently induced plaintiffs to convey the property to him; That Andrew G. Grutka, defendant herein, was appointed Bishop of the Catholic Diocese of Gary, and the aforesaid real estate was conveyed to defendant as the Bishop of the Diocese of Gary by John F. Nool and/or his successors; That on or about July 20, 1956, a portion of said real estate was sold and conveyed by the Catholic Dioceses of Fort Wayne to John Read and Elinor Read, and said sale and conveyance was made only after Bishop Leo Pursley, President of the Catholic Diocese of Fort Wayne, and his subordinates and agents had discussed the matter with plaintiffs and requested and received their permission to and regarding the sale of said property; That plaintiffs are informed and believe, and on such information and belief allege, that defendant knows, or has reason to know, the intent of the plaintiffs and of said John F. Noll concerning the use and Disposition of said property, and that defendant refuses

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