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“A rare blend of psychiatrist, traditional healer, and spiritual guide. He has combined an eclectic array of cultural and healing arts to address the intractable issues of the human soul...This is a man who speaks plainly and clearly about serious matters.”–Tom Monte, EastWest Journal

Here for the first time is a comprehensive explanation of how to unlock the power within each of us. This power, our LIFE ENERGY, specifically determines our mental and physical states. By showing you how to release this energy, Dr. John Diamond will teach you how to:

Lead a more productive, creative, and happy life
Achieve your fullest potential
Deal positively with mental and physical stress
Reduce negative emotional states (hatred, anger, jealousy, etc.) and increase positive emotions (love, faith, courage, etc.)
Prevent and overcome illness and maintain good health
Look younger as you learn to erase the lines of self-doubt and unhappiness from your face.

Dr. Diamond’s approach to releasing LIFE ENERGY is based on his discovery that each of the twelve acupuncture meridians relates to a specific emotional state. By learning to assess these emotional states by using the simple muscle test described in this book, you can determine your present emotional state or anyone else’s. By practicing the short daily meditational program, you will keep your emotions and meridians balanced so that you can achieve heightened LIFE ENERGY and maintain mental and physical well-being and harmony every day of your life.

Salud, mente y cuerpo
14 enero
Paragon House

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