Modern-Day Jonah Epub file Modern-Day Jonah Epub file

Modern-Day Jonah Epub file

Stop Surviving, Start Living.

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“Modern Day-Jonah is filled with practical ideas on how to break free from self-centered living and reach your potential for God and good in the world.” Gary D. Chapman, Ph.D. – Author of The 5 Love Languages

What is a Modern-Day Jonah? A Modern-Day Jonah is someone who ignores God’s calling on their life. They make a conscious decision to disobey God and they are deliberate and calculated in their actions. They are fully aware of their choices and when the storms come, they ignore them, they aren’t forthcoming with the truth, and they blame others—just like Jonah.

What is the Modern-Day Jonah Syndrome? The Modern-Day Jonah Syndrome is a condition caused when a believer ignores God’s word and calling in their life. The believer makes this choice because they want to do things their way. The Modern-Day Jonah Syndrome starts out slowly but can quickly consume a believer. It affects the behavior, emotions, and opinions of the believer and ultimately affects all those around the believer. As the Modern-Day Jonah Syndrome takes over, it suffocates one’s ability to be Christlike and their desire to serve God.

What are the Modern-Day Jonah Symptoms? The symptoms of the Modern-Day Jonah Syndrome include but aren’t limited to: stress, anxiety, conflict, poor self-control, chaos, depression, misery, bitterness, strife, self-deception, confusion and sleep deprivation. Those affected with these symptoms search for and apply solutions to their problems like making money, buying things, taking trips, socializing, drinking and ignoring issues. However, these solutions may temporarily resolve the problem, but they will not last.

What is the Modern-Day Jonah Cure? There is only one cure, and that cure is getting right with God. You must admit you aren’t right with God, confess your sins to Him, and call out to Him in repentance. Until these steps are taken, your “storms” will continue to get worse.

Are you suffering from the Modern-Day Jonah Syndrome? If so, this book is exactly what you need. It’s Bible-based, Christ-centered and based on the author’s personal story of being a Modern-Day Jonah.

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