Natural Economic Theory Natural Economic Theory

Natural Economic Theory

New general economic theory, of positive nature and global scope

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The Natural Economic Theory is a new general theory of economics. Theory of general equilibrium, positive in nature and global in scope. Understanding economic functioning is a great puzzle. Natural theory unites all the pieces from the same theoretical, mathematical and empirical unit, opening a new window for the understanding of the economic phenomenon.

Books published (edition and private diffusion): i) El Equilibrio de las Naciones (1998), ii) Modelo Macroeconómico Natural (1999), iii) Natural Macroeconomic Model (2000), iv) The World Stock Market and the Natural Price Theory (2002), v) Teoría Económica Natural (2017).

Papers, reviewed and approved by the Scientific Committees of more than 50 international conferences on economics and finance : “The Natural Value Theory: Empirical Evidences of the Purchasing Power Parity and the Long Term Stock Market Function” (december 19, 2002); “Natural Value Theory: Empirical Evidences of the Long Term World Financial Market Function” (september 27, 2004); “Empirical Evidences of Long Term World Exchange Rate Market Function” (january 26, 2008); “World Financial Market Function: Empirical Evidence of Long Term Stock Market Function” (2008); “The World Gold Coeficient: Proposal for the Reform of the Internacional Monetary System” (december 12, 2011); “Stochastic Monetary Policy Paradigm?, Empirical Evidences of a Monetary Optimum: The Natural Monetary Policy Model” (2012); “Natural Price Theory and Positive Economics” (june 30, 2014).

Gonzalo Pérez-Seoane has a Degree in Law from the Madrid Complutense University. He completed an MBA at Autonomous Technological Institute of Mexico, ITAM; a Business Management Programme at IESE; First Advanced Corporate Finance Programme for Senior Management at CIIF (IESE); and Phd Course in Business Administration at the Madrid Complutense University.

He worked for different banks in the areas of risk analysis, corporate banking, global portfolio management, financial banking modeling and portfolio risk modeling, holding management positions (Mexico, London, Madrid). He went on to become the CEO of a Corporate Finance Consulting firm formed by IESE Finance Professors; Corporate Finance Director of a leading international Asset Valuation firm and Chairman of an Global Investment Consulting firm. He has three years' experience as a university lecturer on finance and business economics (European Business School, Centro Universitario Villanueva).

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