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This volume is a collection of the contributions to the 15th National Conference on Nuclear Structure in China (NSC2014), held on October 25–28, 2014 in Guilin, China and hosted by Guangxi Normal University. It provides an important updated resource in the nuclear physics literature for researchers and graduate students studying nuclear structure and related topics. Recent progress made in the study of nuclear spectroscopy of high-spin states, nuclear mass and half-life, nuclear astrophysics, super-heavy nuclei, unstable nuclei, density functional theory, neutron star and symmetry energy, nuclear matter, and nuclear shell model are covered.
Contents:Effects of the Dynamical Deformation and Fission Barrier in the Synthesis of Superheavy Nuclei (X J Bao et al.)The Role of Spin-Orbit and Tensor Force in Heavy-Ion Collisions (L Guo et al.)High Spin Study in 126Te (L C He et al.)Systematic Study of Hypernuclear Magnetic Moments (H F Lü)Pairing Correlations at High Spins (H L Ma et al.)Alpha-Decay Half-Life with a Generalized Liquid Drop Model by Using a Precise Decay Energy (N N Ma et al.)New Global Formula of the Nuclear Electric Quadrupole Moments (X J Sun, C X Chen and N Wang)Effects of Tensor Force and Pairing Correlation on Bubble Structure of Exotic Nucleus (Y Z Wang and J Z Gu)Transverse Kinematical Energy Spectra of K+ Mesons in Heavy Ion Collisions (Y Z Xing, Y M Zheng and P Srisawad)Further Investigation of Isospin Asymmetry in Pseudospin Symmetry (Q Xu)Constraining Postsaddle Dissipation with Particle Emission From Light Decaying Systems (W Ye)Algebraic Realization of the Triaxial Rotor Dynamics (Y Zhang et al.)Theoretical Study of Structure and Synthesis Mechanism of Superheavy Nuclei (S G Zhou)The Molecular Picture of Axial-Vector Mesons (Y Zhou et al.)and other papers
Readership: Nuclear phycisists and graduate students in related fields.
Nuclear Structure;Nuclear Physics;Nuclear Mass and Half-Life;Nuclear Astrophysics;Super-Heavy Nuclei;Symmetry Energy;Shell Model

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