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Over 50 Dating: How to Discover Your True Love
Trying to find COMPANIONSHIP on-line but have never been successful? Not sure what to do where to go? Then STOP. Read the book on 'Over 50 Dating', a guide for senior dating that teaches you how to create a magnetic profile giving you a suite of potential real life partners to choose from.
Worried about finding the right partner, the one that is honest, caring, considerate and just darn right fun? Then this book on 'Over 50 Dating' will guide you through the process of discovering the 'true' partner and companion.
Concerned about your safety both physical and your personal intimate information? Then read this guide, it shows you what information you should put on-line and what information you must not! It guides you through the complete process of 'on-line' chatting to the first meeting and how and where to setup the first meeting.
Not sure how to chat easily on-line, uncertain about that first date and what to say? Feeling as nervous as heck? Then read 'Over 50 Dating' it will guide you through chat sessions (real life examples) and teach you the art of enjoyable engagement both on-line and face-to-face.
The only guide you need to find that elusive partner that you've always dreamed about! This book specifically focuses on the over 50 dating scene for both males and females. The authors provide a UNIQUE insight to dating that provides the reader with the opportunity to see what both sexes are thinking during the dating process.
This is the time that the 'Over 50 Dating Scene' takes off as the baby boomers retire and have more time to themselves. It is a great opportunity to rediscover the feelings of desire, passion, love and friendship. We, my partner and I, found our true love on-line using the techniques we teach in this book. We are happily together and both decided that teaching both men and women how to walk the fine line of 'on-line' romance was essential to find a true friend, companion, lover and partner. Yes it can be done, without the frustration and pain and suffering that many on-line love seekers experience.
We teach you the process and explain the artful secrets to create that magnetic personality key to on-line dating specifically for the over 50s.
Read 'Over 50 Dating: How to Discover Your True Love' and you will awaken a passion and need that has been dormant for too long.
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2 agosto

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