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When the man you desire won't take the hint, you need to become creative in your pursuit despite the danger.

Lady Phoebe Mountjoy, daughter of the Earl of Sunderland is trouble. After being violated without her consent at a ball, two months later she discovers she's increasing. Eight and twenty, unwed and without offers, she's quite desperate to hide the evidence of the looming disgrace. So, she calls upon a childhood friend in the hopes she can persuade him to marry her for convivence's sake as well as to save her reputation.

The Honorable Quentin Arkwright, first son of Viscount Tarleton, has often courted scandal in a bid to cripple the illegal slave trade in London. However, when a woman from his past drops by with a shocking proposition, he's intrigued and then ultimately enraged as she shares her horrible story. He agrees to the marriage in name only with alacrity, for she doesn't deserve her situation, and he is in need of a match so he can avoid the Marriage Mart.

As the months slip past and Phoebe's pregnancy grows more advanced, the two strike up an endearing friendship. Despite the roots of their union, romance blooms, but when the man who put her in the compromising position makes a reappearance and threatens everything she and Quentin have built, they'll have to make some difficult choices that will scandalize the ton. If they're lucky, love will be a reward neither of them thought possible.

February 15
New Independence Books

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