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This expertly illustrated atlas has been the go-to reference in veterinary orthopedic surgery for nearly 50 years and remains the premier resource for small animal surgical procedures. As in prior editions, Piermattei's Atlas of Surgical Approaches to the Bones and Joints of the Dog and Cat, 5th Edition is teeming with highly detailed drawings that illustrate a wide range of surgical approaches. This edition also features six all new surgical approaches and three approaches which have been expanded to illustrate the modifications required when performing orthopedic surgery on the cat. In addition to updated images throughout, fifty-five brand new illustrations accompany the new surgical approaches. As many will attest, Piermattei’s Atlas is an invaluable reference that no small animal surgeon should be without.
Step-by-step procedures walk you through proper positioning, anatomic landmarks, potential dangers, and increasing exposure.Primary indications listed for each surgical approach help you quickly determine which approach is most appropriate for a particular surgery.Consistent format features text on the left side and illustration plates on the right, for quick access to key information.High-quality drawings created by an expert medical artist provide exceptional clarity, realism, and detail.Cross-references throughout the text make it easy to compare surgical approaches for the same body area.Full pages dedicated to each plate allow you to more easily view anatomical parts and approaches.NEW! Six all-new approaches to surgical procedures have been added to the text. They include:

Approach to the Lumbosacral Intervertebral Disk and Foramen Through a Lateral Transilial OsteotomyApproach to the Medial Region of the Shoulder JointMinimally Invasive Approach to the Shaft of the HumerusApproach to the Lateral Aspect of the HemipelvisMinimally Invasive Approach to the Shaft of the FemurMinimally Invasive Approach to the Shaft of the TibiaNEW! Expanded coverage of modifications required when performing orthopedic surgery on the cat include:

Approach to the Lateral Aspect of the Humeral Condyle and Epicondyle in the CatApproach to the Craniodorsal Aspect of the Hip Joint Through a Craniolateral Incision in the CatApproach to the Shaft of the Femur in the CatNEW! Updated images provide a better picture of various surgical approaches.

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