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From Beverly Hills mansions to Irish country lanes, super-yachts to side-alleys, howling cougars to psychotic nutters, stand-up spotlights to police helicopter searchlights, superstar highs to inner demon woes, along with so much more, Mark Hayes takes us on quite an adventure in RanDumb-er, the random but hardly dumb tales of an Irish chancer.

From one side of the world to the other, in and out of the fantasy of Mark's reality, all with a smile and a belly-aching laugh, RanDumb-er will draw you in and make you believe in the spirit of your inner five year old once more!

Go ahead - Open a Guinness, take off your pants (comfort is key here), sit back, relax and enjoy the show. Fast pace, quicker wit, time for you to join Mark as he tells his story of two cities and one dream. Ran. Dumb. Er. On!

Introduction by Robbie Williams.

About The Author:

Mark Hayes is an Irish guy who now lives in L.A. Chancer. Prancer. Midnight. Dancer. Bestselling author of RanDumb: The Adventures of an Irish Guy in L.A! which has been rated #1 on Amazon Humor.

Praise For RanDumb:

'RanDumb is an intelligently put-together, often satirical analysis of the times we live in... a thoroughly entertaining read that will make you 'LOL' -laugh out loud - as so many have done on Mark Hayes' blog.'

'With his unique style, phrasing and word coinage, Mark Hayes introduced himself to us in his first book RanDumb as a kind of hard drinking, half-slacker, half German technical translator, carefree globetrotter finding his way in Hollywood. Very funny and a great read.'

'I've always wanted to give up the mundane day job, pack my bags and head for the promised land, but circumstances have conspired against me. So, when I heard of this book, it was a must read... I wasn't disappointed in the least. It was just how I would have imagined and more... Mark Hayes has shared his experiences of chasing the American Dream and I love it.'

26 marzo
Mark Hayes

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