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Five Hardcore Erotica Stories

Rough sex erotica fills this value-priced collection of five stories from Naughty Daydreams Press. If you’re looking for domination, first anal sex, and rough group sex; look no further! Point and click today for beautiful ladies facing boundary-pushing sexual encounters. Enjoy the show!

1. DELANEY’S MYSTERY MAN (A Stranger Sex Bondage Erotica Story) by Tracy Bond

For months, a man has flitted in and out of Delaney’s life for brief and bizarre bondage sex encounters that have left her desperate for more. A slap on the ass, a strange comment, a sexy dance at a club—he’s consumed her thoughts! She can’t date anyone else; she can’t masturbate without imagining him; and she has no idea who he is! Finally, at her friend’s wedding, he finds her and takes her, leaving her breathless and bound as his domination reaches an astounding and incredible climax.

2. MEAN GIRLS (A Very Rough Lesbian Gangbang Short) by Veronica Halstead

Crystal hasn’t been keeping up with her chores at the sorority house, and the sorority leader isn’t going to put up with it. If Crystal won’t do her chores, then she’ll have to contribute in another way. In this case, it means pleasing the other sorority sisters in a very rough and reluctant hot lesbian gangbang, complete with facesitting, sex toys, and first anal sex with a big strap on dildo!

3. BENT OVER BY THE BONFIRE (A Public Beach Gangbang Short) by Julie Bosso

She’s got it made. She’s working hard on her master’s degree, and she gets to live right on the beach, so when it comes time to reward herself by going to a beach party, why not? After all, the college boy she met while she was jogging is hot as hell, and she deserves some fun. She had no idea fun would mean getting bent over by the bonfire and taking not only one but three frat boys on in a reluctant gangbang complete with rough double team sex!

4. AN APPLE A DAY (A First Anal Sex Doctor/Patient Sex Erotica Story) by Nancy Brockton

She just hates shots. That’s the long and short of it, and she’s willing to make the doctor very, very happy to sign off on her immunization release so she doesn’t have to get them. She figures a quick blowjob on her knees will get the job done, but this doctor/patient sex is going to go much further. This doctor wants to give her the very first anal sex she’s ever had, and after she’s been bent over the exam table, she’ll be swallowing him!

5. NEW MEMBERS WELCOME! (A First Time Swingers Sex Club erotica story) by Erika Hardwick

Sandra’s life has certainly changed since she divorced her husband. Now, with her world expanding before her, she finds herself at a sex club, and she’s amazed at what she sees. She’s not amazed for very long, though…at least not just with what she sees because she’s about to feel everything too; her first lesbian sex, her first double team sex, and not one, not two, but countless men inside of her!

Warning: This ebook contains very explicit descriptions of sexual activity during various rough sex encounters. It includes rough and reluctant sex, rough group sex, rough lesbian sex, rough oral sex, rough first anal sex, and rough gangbang sex. It is intended for mature readers who will not be offended by graphic depictions of sex acts between consenting adults.

Rough sex is just a click away if you think you can handle it!

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26 de abril
Naughty Daydreams Press

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