Roxane Gay Short Stories

An Online Bibliography

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Descripción editorial

This bibliography contains hyperlinks to 62 online short stories written by Roxane Gay.

These links provide easy and convenient access to Roxane Gay’s short fiction that is readily available and free to read on the internet.

The stories are arranged alphabetically, with each story featured on one page of the book. Each story description includes the following information:

Title of the story

Name of the publication/website where the story is published

Date published

Word count

A few selected sentences chosen to depict the tone of the story

The link to go directly to the website where the story is published

Most of these stories first appeared on small literary websites. Many of these sites are no longer being published but their archives are still available to read.

All of these stories are free to read on their respective websites and all of the websites offer a clean reading experience with a Reader View option.

The stories vary in length from a few hundred words of flash fiction to full length stories of several thousand words. The combined word count for all the stories is more than 120,000 words.

This bibliography was compiled solely by William Escoubas and is not endorsed or approved by Roxane Gay or the websites where the stories are published.

Please note: All rights to these stories belong to Roxane Gay and/or the websites where the stories are published.

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