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If you want to control your weight long term, this book may not be what you are expecting, but it will be what you want to hear!

Please take the 60 seconds it will take you to read this and you may be pleasantly surprised.

Here's what you can honestly expect to learn from See Willy warts and all in one sentence.


How 'habits' actually work, how to reprogram them using some simple techniques, how to choose just 2 or 3 habits from a wide range to work on and how re-wiring these can help you begin to lose and control your weight long term as it has for me.


A literary masterpiece. Forgive me I am not a trained author even though I have written several books. I left full time education age 14 so I tend to write as I speak from the heart and sometimes, as my friends and family often remind me, I can repeat myself but the underlying message is there for you.

The habits I suggest you work on range from the crucial around portion control to the less significant around feel-good habits. You will see many as crucial and some as totally trivial.

That's OK, just focus on the crucial.

That's it. Please keep an open mind and give it a try. Stick to the simple message and you won't be be disappointed.


That's the 60 seconds up, but here's a little more you might find interesting if you haven't yet decided to buy See Willy.

I am used to getting some good and some poor reviews when I create something new, so you may see a mixture of good and bad reviews for See Willy just to confuse you.

That's OK, it's natural and comes with the territory.

Not conforming to established expectations can result in being ridiculed in the early days and it takes time to overcome this. The world is littered with products and services that were first doubted that are now indispensable to everyday life, not least of which are mobile phones, social media and more.

My best personal example of this was struggling to teach my students to touch type. With all the current teaching methods taking 5 hours of boring typing drills it was no wonder so few of them stuck with it.

So I created a product that would teach any age to touch type from 5 to 95 in 90 minutes. Yes just 90 minutes!

And yes it was roundly ridiculed as a ‘gimmick’ by professional typing teachers and the educational establishment.

However after 2 years persistence it was tested and accepted by the Open University, schools, colleges, public companies, government departments and others and is now used by almost 2 million people world wide (including typing teachers!).

See Willy may not be the most professionally written book but that's not the point. I know that using the power of Habit works for very good scientific reasons not just in weight control, but every area of life. That's the underlying important message to take away.

In my attempt to get this message out I have given the book the humorous title of 'See Willy' that reflects the story of my own 'lightning' moment of realisation at the men's urinal.

I'm working now on a new humerous song that I hope people will share to help spread the word.

You see, underlying all this, the message is a serious one. We all need to get our weight under control to enjoy the best of life for us and our families. And it's just as tough for us men as women.

I don't know how people make sense of the zillions of diet programs, I know I couldn't!

My sincere hope and dream is that See Willy will make a real difference to you and that over time more people will realise there are simple ways to help themselves control their weight other than following fad diets.

Which is all that really matters.

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Mark Meakings

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19 septiembre
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