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Descripción editorial

Seed unfolds in the land of Shamar where Pel, an orphan taken in by his adoptive father, Oredel, believes it is his destiny to inherit Oredel’s land. When a vagabond bard, Dolan, comes to the farm, however, things begin to look different; until one night, Dolan vanishes.

Pel is left without direction, when early one morning, he is awakened by a clarion call; an awakening of the sort that tells him it is time to leave the only family he has ever known. As he attempts to sneak away, he is taken by surprise by a friend he has known all his life. Shane, despite Pel’s valiant, yet half-hearted attempts, will not be denied.

When they leave, Dolan is waiting.

The three depart, not only to find the life that awaits them, but also those who are to accompany them: Rhelg, a giant in heart and in stature; Stryker—to call him gifted is to call shadow dark; Kurn, a woman of extraordinary skill and beauty; Queys, a mercenary; and Jurad, a slave brought to their shores by an unintentional act of Pel’s.

Now they travel, finding the road set before them, while evading the hands of kingdom soldiers and mercenaries alike, all under the command of the Keeper of the High Seat of the Twelve, Dorma. The kingdom of Shamar groans under a heavy load, for she has no king, only an oppressive usurper to a throne that can never be his.

Ficción y literatura
13 de marzo
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