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The Zombies have escaped from behind The Wall.

As they sweep across the northeast the zombies’ path is marked by havoc and death as they destroy everything in their path. World leaders turn their backs on their North American allies and institute a full quarantine against them. Former allies fire on planes and sink boats full of Americans fleeing the carnage. Into this nightmare world are thrust several unlikely heroes.

Captain Mike Miranda, a full-time National Guard soldier, leads his company of tanks on a harrowing journey from New York City towards the Appalachian Defensive Line, dealing death and destruction to the zombie horde while battling bureaucracy and incompetence at the highest levels.

Shawn Ford, a restaurant owner from Newark, becomes the reluctant leader of a small group of refugees trapped behind the zombie advance as they fight for their own survival and end up facing demons of a different sort.

Grayson Donnelly, the hero of the first zombie war six years ago, must rise to fight again. This time it’s against a marauding Mexican drug cartel attempting to establish their own enclave in the Texas desert. Donnelly has to fight against the first invasion of the continental United States in over two hundred years.

Retired CIA operative Asher Hawke, AKA the Kestrel, is compelled by vengeance to return to the Dead City to settle old scores against the zombies. This time, he will stop at nothing to destroy the Master of the Chosen and eliminate the zombie threat—and save the nation that he’s dedicated his life to protect.

Fiction & Literature
April 5

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