Shadow Life of a Small Town Wife

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Gage Deberness was living the small-town dream. Nice house in a quiet neighborhood, good job, beautiful wife, and a perfect son. With plans to add a few more bundles of joy to his future, completing the big family he always wanted. Everything he always promised himself he would have when he was growing up lonely with no siblings in an unloving house. He was raised by parents who didn't want him but were simply doing their duty, raising the son they felt had ruined their lives and trapped them in a loveless marriage.
But one thunderstorm brought it all crashing down around him. The life he loved and cherished shattered into a million pieces. Did it happen or was it all just an illusion? Maybe a trick of his mind or one really bad dream. Only he's wide awake now and learning that each broken piece is stamped with betrayal and lies that his mind doesn't understand and his broken heart can't accept.
How could it be that the last six years had all been a lie. He planned so perfectly. He did everything right. After all, he spent his entire life taking notes and preparing so that he wouldn't relive his parents' marriage. All he ever wanted was a big family to love and to devote his whole life to, and that's what he did. He gave his all and found out it wasn't enough!
In his heart Gage knows he still has to provide the best life he can for the only good thing he has left—his son, Aaron. So with his whole life spiraling out of control and not wanting his son to see his devastation, he sets out to be the best single parent he can be.
This quest led him to the perfect day care and just maybe the biggest change yet to come.
"Hi, I'm Miranda, but everyone just calls me Randi."

21 de noviembre
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