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Father Michael Seed has been at the privileged centre of events for a quarter of a century, and has played a uniquely influential role. In this explosive memoir Britain's 'priest to the stars' covers his encounters with some of the most prominent political and public figures of a generation, and gives a rare and fascinating glimpse of behind-the-scenes events in the corridors of power. His remarkable disclosures of life at the top, in parliament, palace and church, are revealed through a series of hilarious anecdotes that will have you laughing out loud.For years he secretly gave Mass to the Blairs in Downing Street, initially slipping in through the rear ground floor window, before it was leaked to the press in 2006.His has been a turbulent ride through life and envied by those who dislike his champagne style of Catholicism, loved by those who declare him a saint, and so admired by The Times that it demanded he be made instantly a bishop.His friendship with people like best chum Ann Widdecombe, Alan Clark, The Duchess of Argyll, Lord Longford, George Carman QC, John Paul Getty, the Duke of Norfolk, a host of royals and half a dozen prime ministers, has left little room for dullness. His insights into life in Westminster Cathedral and with Cardinal Basil Hume make all religion-based television sitcoms seem deadly boring by comparison with the real thing.This is a revealing and extremely humorous memoir from a truly unique figure in British society.

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6 julio
John Blake