Step 3: Understand and Complete One Step At A Time in Recovery with Alcoholics Anonymous

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After 35 in the Program of Alcoholics Anonymous, I am still in awe of the miracles I see. People who are so messed up when they first come into this program and totally change into a rational, even thinking human beings. This happens not by just going to meetings, that won't do it. It is only by fully immersing yourself into the 12 Steps that an incredible metamorphosis happens.

Trembling despairing people turn into people you would be pleased to know. Even to call them a friend, when a few short months before you wouldn't have allowed them into your home. By being honest with yourself, working to live on a spiritual basis and getting an open mind for new approaches to life is a big part of how it works.

This is not a religious movement at all. Religion has rules. Spirituality has only guidelines and suggestions. The person is free to find their own way looking only to live by spiritual principals instead of their previous personality. The true beauty of this process is you get better in spite of yourself. You simply follow the steps and changes within happen. Even those around you, like friends and family, will notice a difference. It seems that once we address the spiritual sickness within (because we spiritual beings) we straighten out mentally and physically. Over the last 35 years, I have had wonderous experiences, some of which I share in this guide.

Even if your issue is not alcohol, this process will help you. Food, gambling, porn addiction, anger, you name the issue and the steps will help you out of it. Just do a Google search and look for groups like gamblers anonymous and over-eaters anonymous. They all use the 12 step process because it works. It actually works. You just have to get honest and work through the 12 step process.

I wanted to put a 12 step guide into today's language to make the process easier to do so you would get a better understanding of what you're doing. Just take a look at the reviews and see if people agree if I was successful at that goal.

So if you're in trouble because of some recurring issue, this process can help you. Just replace the word "alcohol" with pretty much whatever problem you are having and get started.

You can download Step One at no charge to see how I present the material and if you want to pick up the rest of the steps, the options are there for digital downloads or even getting a paperback edition in either size that suits you.

I wish the best for you and I hope I can be of service if needed.

Salud, mente y cuerpo
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