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* Our summary is short, simple and pragmatic. It allows you to have the essential ideas of a big book in less than 30 minutes.

*By reading this summary, you will discover how, thanks to the process he invented - EFCS ("Employees First, Customers Second") or "Employees First, Customers Second" - Vineet Nayar has taken his HCLT company from a company in decline to a model of success.

*You will also discover that : the process of change begins by accepting to face up to the failures of your company; change starts by creating a climate of trust; trust is generated by transparency in the company, i.e. the circulation of key information, so that everyone can take ownership of their development issues; the inversion of the structural pyramid, by putting functional positions at the service of value creators and not the other way round, leads to a change in mentality in the company; the CEO must not take responsibility for change alone, but must transfer it to all his employees, who create value; simple actions, called catalysts, can bring about major changes and lead to relevant questioning.

*Vineet Nayar questioned everything after hearing an anecdote from a racing driver. When the brakes fail, the best solution is neither to slow down nor to try to brake by all means, but to accelerate to overtake all his competitors and then to advise on how to proceed. He was in a similar situation: HCLT, the company he ran, was no longer keeping pace with its competitors. He had to make the decision to push for this change. It is this change and the way it was made that he describes in his book.

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