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Her family hates her.

Her last boyfriend cheated on her publicly.

And even though she's built an empire, ruling it by herself is lonely as hell.

These days all Lucinda wants is to hole up in her mansion and steel herself against the haters of the world.

But during a moment of weakness, she agrees to an impromptu pool party with her hot new gardener Antonio. Several margaritas later, Lucinda spills a family secret she swore to take to her grave then falls into bed with the sexy younger man.

Antonio swears he's more than a boy toy. He's intent on breaking down Lucinda's walls, and offers her another chance at love as well as an opportunity to bring her family back together.

As Lucinda faces her future, will she face her fears and risk opening up to love in order to find her own happy ending?

Ficción y literatura
2 septiembre
Normandie Alleman

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